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People_Masks_SARs.jpg Photo by xPacifica / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Hong Kongers on a subway during the SARS outbreak of 2003.

EIC Offers Tips on Managing Coronavirus Fears

A webinar from the Events Industry Council shares strategies for event organizers to manage coronavirus fears.

The threat of the coronavirus is clobbering international events, with heavy hitters including Facebook and Intel announcing they will pull out of the Mobile World Congress, slated for Feb. 24-27 in Barcelona.

Last week, the Events Industry Council hosted a webinar to help event organizers address the issue; PCMA shares some take-aways:

The conversation centered on how, in a time of uncertainty about the coronavirus, organizers should approach decisions about whether or not to postpone or cancel an event — keeping your participants’ health and well-being top of mind and also not forgetting “the pain your industry partners are going through,” said facilitator Mark Cooper, CEO of the International Association of Conference Centres.

Maintain perspective. You can’t be held hostage by fear in your decision-making process, everyone agreed. “Be wary of sensationalism,” Cooper said. Our audience “is turning to us to be the guiding light.” Particularly in the U.S., the flu represents a greater health threat than contracting the coronavirus. That means that it’s prudent for event organizers to do everything they can to minimize the spread of germs, making sure that hand sanitizers are readily available and working with venues to step up sanitation efforts … PMCA

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