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Food Concession Equipment: Snow Cones, Cotton Candy

Food Concession Equipment: Snow Cones, Cotton Candy

Chicago-based C. Cretors & Co. has introduced a new line of concession equipment. The Echols line of high-speed ice shavers can shave up to 500 pounds of ice per hour, in sizes ranging from small cubes to 4.5-inch chunks. Powered by gas, battery or electricity, the units enable operators to produce snow cones quickly and easily, the manufacturer says. Also available is the Ringmaster cotton candy machine, which uses either standard cotton candy mix or regular granulated sugar. To accommodate venues with varying volumes of production, the Ringmaster is available in either 5-inch or 7-inch floss head sizes, the company reports. The new line of popcorn machines includes the option of the energy-saving "one pop" feature, which allows for automatic shutoff of the machine once the popcorn kettle is finished popping.

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