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Mass_Gathering_Event_2020.jpg Photo by Bernard Bodo / iStock / Getty Images Plus

WHO Updates Mass-Event Guidelines in Wake of COVID-19

The refinements take into account the impact of COVID-19 on big special events.

Last week the World Health Organization issued updated guidelines for its document on mass gatherings that take into consideration the impact of COVID-19.

The new guidelines are designed to apply to diverse range of mass gatherings, including sports events, music/entertainment presentations, religious events, and large conferences and exhibitions.

The new guidelines stress the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to managing risk factors. WHO takes the posture that the overall risk associated with a mass gathering event is the outcome of a process that incorporates (i) the risk of amplified COVID-19 transmission associated with the event and its expected burden on the health system; and (ii) the capacity of health authorities and event organizers to prevent and control such risks.

WHO offers a robust array of tools for event safety, including a generic risk assessment and mitigation checklist, along with specific guidelines for sports events and religious gatherings.

Download the update here.

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