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Intellicheck Age ID system

Intellicheck System Designed to Ferret Out Fake IDs

Intellicheck Age ID system is designed to find and track identification documents.

Intellicheck’s Age ID technology is designed to reduce the risks that come with selling alcohol beverages and other age-restricted products by authenticating identification documents, such as driver licenses. Effective and easy to implement on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, or integrated into existing point-of-sale systems, the state-of-the-art technology solution delivers real-time, accurate ID authentication to instantly identify fake and altered IDs ensuring legal compliance, the company says. Using Age ID, the staffer simply scans the buyer’s ID barcode, and instantly knows if the ID is authentic, and that the person is of legal age to buy age-restricted products like alcohol. Age ID can also notify sellers if the same ID is being re-used within a preset amount of time.

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Note: Act fast--information on this product is available online only through July 3, 2017.

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