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Woman at music festival with arms in air Photo by Monkey Business Images / © Getty Images

As Music Festivals Flourish, Backers Fight Harassment of Attendees

Activists and some promoters of big music festivals are addressing an issue that, the L.A. Times says, is too often underreported.

Over the last 20 years, big music festivals have become big business. There’s something for every fan, from electronic dance music at the Electric Daisy Carnival to country at Stagecoach. But one aspect of freewheeling festivals—unwelcome sexual advances and even assaults—is now in the spotlight. Activists and some promoters are addressing an issue that, the L.A. Times says, is too often underreported:

“Two weeks before their Central Coast electronic music festival Lightning in a Bottle, the L.A. concert promoters at Do LaB were busy with the usual tasks: prepping campgrounds, checking sound equipment and stocking up on psychedelic art. But this year, they also held a new class for fans and staff that focused on fighting sexual harassment at festivals: “Creating Safer-Braver Spaces: Consent Culture & Social Care.

"Do LaB, which is a Coachella collaborator, will also have a medical team specifically trained to fight sexual harassment as well as counselors available for any victims. “All of Do LaB’s departments [train] on how to spot a person in need or a situation that might escalate,” said Erica Seigel, a coordinator for the festival safety firm involved. “The teams are trained to act quickly, provide support and create a safe space for anyone who needs it.” For a new generation of activists fighting sexual assault in the music scene, that’s exactly what fans and promoters need … “ Los Angeles Times

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