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Lonely festival Photo by Nirian / iStock / Getty Images

Oh No, Not Again! After Fyre, the ‘Fortnite Festival' Fails

Another failed festival--this themed to the video game "Fortnite"--underscores the need for professional event management.

On the heels of the festival fiasco that was Fyre, the widely popular video game Fortnite has inspired the widely unpopular “Fortnite Festival,” says The Guardian. The event offered high admission prices but scant attractions for the nearly 3,000 guests who showed up:

Hundreds of people have demanded refunds after a Fortnite computer game-themed festival was branded a shambles.

The two-day Fortnite Live event at Norfolk showground near Norwich had visitors queueing for hours to enter the site and collect wristbands on Saturday. Attendees complained that the attractions were underwhelming and understaffed. Visitors said there were not enough activities for the estimated 2,800 who turned up. 

“Fortnite is all about hunting people down and killing them. I felt like doing that to the people who organised it … " The Guardian

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