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'Wellness Festivals' See Healthy Growth

Move over, music festivals--the hottest trend is the wellness festival.

Move over, music festivals. The hottest trend today is the “wellness festival,” where attendees might meditate, take yoga classes, and go on nature hikes. L.A.’s inaugural DisclosureFest drew some 4,000 attendees last year for astrological readings and meditation; it is slated for round two next month and will be live-streamed, says the L.A. Times:

After yoga and meditation offerings became standard at music festivals, event organizers began organizing dedicated yoga retreats. And those have since turned into "wellness festivals" featuring yoga, tribal dance, mindfulness sessions, live music, seminars and "souk"-style markets selling everything from kombucha to hemp-infused oils. Some last a day, others run almost a week. Many scream "road-trip." You might need to pack a tent, or maybe you'll be chilling out in air-cooled auditoriums. Whatever the format, the idea is to send people home restored, rejuvenated and inspired … Los Angeles Times

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