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Samesex wedding Photo by Courtyardpix / © Getty Images

Wedding Planner Call-out: Stop Planning if You Won't do Same-Sex Weddings

Can professional wedding planners turn down same-sex clients? This wedding planner says no.

A total of 37 states in the U.S. now sanction same-sex marriage, so are professional wedding suppliers who refuse to serve such events on firm ground? Sandy Malone, wedding planner and star of TLC's "Wedding Island," says no:

In the spirit of love and Valentine's Day, I'd like to ask all my colleagues in the wedding planning industry to take a moral inventory of how they're running their businesses. In the news lately, there have been wayyy too many stories about wedding planners, pastry shops, and other wedding-related vendors who do not want to provide wedding services to gay and lesbian couples. In a world where many of these couples have been waiting for years to have the wedding of their dreams, having those dreams crushed by a thoughtless wedding vendor who disagrees with same-sex marriage is totally unacceptable.—Huffington Post

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