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Why Women Planners Don't Make As Much as Men

Why Women Planners Don't Make As Much as Men

Tips for women event planners for closing the wage gap with men

It's probably old news to many women in event planning, but despite your hard work, you still aren't making as much as the men are. Our sister publications group, MeetingsNet, can tell you more, and give some solid suggestions on how you can catch up:


Did you know that that yesterday, April 14, was Equal Pay Day—the day that women have to work into the new year to earn what men earned last year? That’s three and a half months, people! While the exact size of the gender salary gap varies depending on a lot of different factors—from 78 cents to 91 cents to the dollar—that there is a gap is pretty undeniable. According to the Professional Convention Management Association’s 2014 salary survey, for meeting planners the gap is just shy of 29 percent, with men earning $102,222 on average to women planner’s $72,880. -- MeetingsNet


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