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British Airways planes safe, U.K. says

Despite a flurry of alarm over lingering radiation in its planes in the wake of the Russian spy poisoning, British Airways announced Monday that all three of the Boeing 767s that had been removed from service last week have been given the all-clear.

Officials initially had been worried that passengers who had traveled on the planes in the last month were in danger from exposure to radiation. But the U.K.'s Health Protection Agency says it now believes that the traces of radiation in the planes posed no risk to travelers. The issue was pressing since over the course of a month, the planes had carried some 33,000 passengers.

Former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko died in London in late November after being poisoned with polonium-210. The bizarre case has led British officials to close many venues that the ex-spy visited. BA planes traveling between Moscow and London were suspect, and two locations in London--the Parkes Hotel in Knightsbridge and an office in Cavendish Place--are now being checked, the BBC reports. The Best Western Hotel on Shaftesbury Avenue in London has been cleared.

Photo by© Stefan Klein

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