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Handy Aerialist Rig Puts Pie--and More--in the Sky Photos by Steve Gale

Handy Aerialist Rig Puts Pie--and More--in the Sky

A clever freestanding rig from Imagination Entertainment turns food servers and entertainers into aerialists

Combining aerial entertainment with food and beverage service, the Celebration Station gives new meaning to the expression “served up and with a twist.”

Developed by Steve Gale, technical director for San Diego-based Imagination Entertainment, the ground-based station consists of a compact, freestanding steel canopy that doubles as an aerial rig.

Suspended from the rig, aerialists, acrobats, singers or musicians can serve, pour, drizzle, sprinkle—you name it—various foods, libations and gifts to partygoers.

“But this apparatus isn’t just about aerialists; it’s about creating a center focal point that has endless theme options in a confined space,” Gale says. “The aerial rigs out in the event industry are fairly plain as far as aesthetics go. When I designed this, I specifically wanted to create something that showed artistic quality.”

To that end, Gale and his team can custom-design the stations to resemble anything from a circus tent to a mermaid’s underwater lair. “Later this year, we have an event with a Bond Girl dressed in gold, serving vodka shots with a laser grid around her," he says. "The theming is as endless as creativity itself.”



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