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Images by Lighting creates a stunning 39tree39 for the 2013 Emmy Awards Governors Ball produced by Sequoia Productions Photo by Special Events
<p>Images by Lighting creates a stunning &#39;tree&#39; for the 2013 Emmy Awards Governors Ball, produced by Sequoia Productions. Photo by Special Events.</p>

And to All, a Good Light!

Lighting experts from Images by Lighting, ShowPro and Full Circle share new trends and tools in lighting design for special events.

Good lighting, like good manners, covers a host of ills. “Proper lighting can accomplish so many things in addition to illuminating an event,” says Doc Waldrop, principal of Atlanta-based Full Circle Lighting. “It can set the mood, style and tempo of an event. It can subtly inform guests what to expect, can draw their eyes to what you want them to see, and can even influence their opinions on what they are seeing depending on the techniques used.” To keep abreast of

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