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sexual harassment at work Photo by Andrii Lychak / © Getty Images

Will Having a ‘Code of Conduct’ Protect Your Event?

Are "codes of conduct" a cure-all to safeguard events against claims of harassment? Not so fast.

The rise of the #MeToo movement has event organizers brainstorming on the best ways to keep events—and their sponsors—safe from claims of harassment. Some planners are looking at instituting “codes of conduct,” which establish boundaries on behavior. But are such codes the cure-all? Not so fast, says our sister publications group MeetingsNet:

Harassment, sexual and otherwise, is a hot topic today, and association boards across America are calling for codes of conduct to protect their organizations from harassment complaints at their events. “I want to say, ‘not so fast,’” said Paula Cozzi Goedert, a partner in the Chicago office of Barnes & Thornburg LLP, in a session at this year’s Professional Convention Management Association’s Convening Leaders conference. Goedert, who chairs the Associations and Foundations Practice Group, added, “It’s not so simple. The big question is, if someone engages in that conduct—or someone alleges that someone engages in that conduct—what are you going to do about it?”  … MeetingsNet

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